Waterproof Cable Connector
ProductNo:NZ 11
Name: Waterproof Cable Connector
Description: Protection class : IP 68 dust and waterproof,
for cable diameters from 6 ľ 12 mm


IDEAL for electrical installations in outdoor areas.
Power cable connectors are used for waterproof merging or distribution of power supply in outdoor areas. The cable connector offers the ideal connection for outdoor area or in damp rooms.

This cable connection is easy to make, because the cable connector works like a luster terminal. The cable wires are inserted at the connecting part and screwed tightly.
Easily lay the cable under the ground, in the garden or on the pond. The seals of the sleeve provide the best protection.
The cable connectors can be used to compose supply lines made of PVC, silicone or rubber with each other. The connectors are made of weatherproof, flame-retardant and UV-resistant plastic. They are sealed to IP68. This means that you can even bury them in the ground.

Protection class: IP 68 (6 = dustproof, 8 = Protection against permanent immersion in water),
suitable for cables with 1,0 up to 1,5 mm▓ cross-section,
maximum load 250 V, 16 A,
length: 10 cm,
environmental conditions: -40 - +90 ░C, 90 % RH max.



EAN-Code:40 12386 10304 2

Waterproof Cable Connector
Waterproof Cable Connector

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