Connecting cables
ProductNo:C 530-0,3
Name: Connecting cables
Description: USB type C plug - USB 3.1 type A plug
USB 3.1 Gen 1,
0,3 m


A cable for the data highway.
While the most common USB 2.0 has a data transfer rate of 480 MBit/s, USB 3.1 has evolved decisively.
In the 3.1 Gen 1 version here, the transfer rate reaches a speed of 5 GBit/s. It is thus more than 10x as fast as USB 2.0.
This is especially noticeable when transferring large amounts of data, such as for data backup. The transfer is also 10x as fast.

color coding plug: blue,
double shielded,
data rate up to max. 5 Gbps

EAN-Code:40 12386 08571 3

Connecting cables
Connecting cables
Connecting cables

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