Switched Regulated Power Supply
ProductNo:NEE 0,6
Name: Switched Regulated Power Supply
Description: + Euro-plug and DC single plugs + power LED,
600 mA, 7,2 W


Protects the environment and saves your wallet.
Better than the new directive EU 2019/1782 - Everything for environmental protection!

Every power supply consumes electricity, even when no device is connected or the connected device is switched off. According to the Federal Environment Agency, this idle consumption can be up to 5 watts per hour for conventional power supplies. At first glance, that doesn‘t sound like much. However, if we look at the resulting idle consumption costs in Germany, the annual costs are around four billion euros.
The idling costs are a massive burden on your wallet and the environment! In 2013, the EU Commission reacted to this and set a limit for idle consumption at 0,5 watts with the ERP legislation. With the regulation (EU2019/1782) this limit was lowered to 0,1 W respectively 0,3 W at the 01.10.2019.
This directive is a mandatory requirement for all external power supplies within the scope of the EU. For power supplies such as our NEE 0,6 L and NEE 1 L, the legislator provides for an upper limit of 0,3 W.
What distinguishes our new power supplies NEE 0,6 L and NEE 1 L? They consume 0.1 W in idle mode and are therefore particularly ECO-friendly. In doing so, we are going one step further than required by law. Our power supplies are more environmentally friendly and contribute to a balanced environmental footprint.
The operation of the power supplies is simple. Use the built-in rotary switch to set the desired output voltage and connect it to the terminal device. The power supply protects your devices against short circuit, overload and overvoltage.
The interchangeable DC single plugs make our switching power supplies universal for many electronic devices such as webcams, security cameras, blue-ray players, active speakers, set-top boxes, etc.

safety functions short circuit, overheating, overload, overcurrent,
standby power consumption 0,1 W,
input, Typ Euro-plug (Typ C, CEE 7/16),
input, voltage range 100 - 240V AC, 50 / 60 Hz,
output, Type DC socket (universal, 2-pin),
output, voltage levels 3-4,5-5-6-7,5-9-12 V DC
voltage stabilization yes,
dimensions: 69 x 39 x 31 mm,
2,5 mm plug, 3,5 mm plug, 3,5 x 1,35 mm DC plug,
5,0 x 2,1 mm DC plug, 5,5 x 1,5 mm DC plug, 5,5 x 2,5 mm DC plug



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Switched Regulated Power Supply
Switched Regulated Power Supply
Switched Regulated Power Supply
Switched Regulated Power Supply

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