Cat 8.1 patch cable
ProductNo:TI 29-0,5
Name: Cat 8.1 patch cable
Description: Western 8/8-plug (RJ45) - Western 8/8-plug (RJ45),
for 25 GBASE / 40 GBASE / 50 GBASE applications,
bandwidth up to 2 GHz,
0,5 m


100% future proof
Our new patch cables meet the technical requirements of CAT 8.1.
CAT 8.1 cables are compatible with CAT6A and CAT classes below due to their RJ45 connectors.
The bandwidth is 2 GHz. The cables are built for the use of 25 GBASE, 40 GBASE and 50 GBASE.
The shielding structure is S/FTP. The inner conductors are made of pure copper with a cross-section of 26 AWG.
The cables are suitable for PoE.

S/FTP, 26 AWG, Cu,
twisted pair, pairs single shielded,
halogen free, LSZH,
jacket: Ø 6 mm, black

EAN-Code:40 12386 42758 2

Cat 8.1 patch cable
Cat 8.1 patch cable

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