Headphone adapter
ProductNo:MA 10
Name: Headphone adapter
Description: USB type C plug – 3,5mm stereo jack,
with digital chip for headset function


Listen to your favorite PLAYLIST anywhere and anytime on your mobile phone.

Do you have a mobile phone without a direct connection for headphones?
Then we have just what you are looking for!
The USB type C connection is becoming more and more popular and less mobile phones have a 3.5 mm jack connection.

With our new MA 10 L you can convert the USB Typ C port of your mobile phone into a 3.5mm jack to connect your headphones.
So even with your new mobile phone you don‘t have to do without the sound of your favorite music.

4 wires,
supports audio playback and headset function,
compatible for almost all mobile devices, among others: Huawei P30, P30PRO, MATE30PRO, MATE30,P40, P40PRO, Nova 2plus & Nova 6 und Samsung Galaxy Note 8


EAN-Code:40 12386 16059 5

Headphone adapter
Headphone adapter
Headphone adapter

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