Coaxial cable
ProductNo:KHC 133-100 R
Name: Coaxial cable
Description: 5-way shielded, Class A+, 135 dB,
fire protection classification: Eca


100 m, white, spool packing with imprint


inner conductor ø mm, material 0,9 mm CCS
insulation ø mm, material 4,1 mm Zell PE
1. screening, foil Al - foil, bonded
2. screening braid, material 48 x 0,12 Al
3. screening, foil Al - foil
4. screening braid, material 48 x 0,12 Al
5. screening foil Al - foil
jacked ø mm, material/colour 6,8 PVC / white
impedance 75 Ω
screening immunity 135 dB
velocity factor v/c 0,80
min. bending radius mm 40
coil packing -
printing on cable jacket: MAXTRACK HIGH QUALITY 5-SHIELDING COAXIAL CABLE CLASS A+ CE (Meterprinting starting at 100 m down to 1m)


matching Twist on plugs:
FF 0 L

matching Compressions plugs:
FFQ 13 L

EAN-Code:40 12386 43573 0

Coaxial cable
Coaxial cable
Coaxial cable

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