HDMI to AV Converter
ProductNo:CS 36
Name: HDMI to AV Converter
Description: Input: HDMI,
Output: 3 x RCA


New games or movies on your old TV.
You would like to continue using your tried and tested analog playback devices such as tube televisions or projectors?
But your Blu-Ray player, DVD recorder or game console only have modern HDMI interfaces?
Then our CS 36 L is exactly what you need.

The converter converts the high quality HDMI video signal into a normal composite video signal. The formats NTSC as well as PAL are supported. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy new games and movies on your old device.
For example, connect your Amazon Fire Stick or other TV box to your TV using the adapter. Directly you can stream the latest Hollywood Buster or exciting documentaries via your tube. You want to play the latest games and enjoy nostalgic feelings? Simply pair the console with your TV using the converter and the gaming fun can begin.
With its compact design the CS 36 L also impresses with its workmanship. There are 3 RCA slots available for connection.
Installation is simple via plug and play. No external drivers are required. Simply plug the converter into a USB port and you‘re ready to go. Since power is supplied via USB, no external power supply is required.

HDMI input: 640x480@60Hz; 800x600@60Hz; 1024x768@60Hz; 1280x720@60Hz 1280x1024@60Hz; 1360x768@60Hz,
output: 3x RCA, supports PAL and NTSC,
incl. USB connection cable



EAN-Code:40 12386 15165 4

HDMI to AV Converter
HDMI to AV Converter
HDMI to AV Converter
HDMI to AV Converter

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