FM Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit
ProductNo:MT 1
Name: FM Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit
Description: supports Micro SD & USB,
with RGB light color change,
Quickcharging function,
Siri Function


Entertainment upgrade for your car radio!
Enjoy telephony and your favorite music on the road.

Our Bluetooth Car Kit allows you to listen to your favorite music from your cell phone directly through the car radio as well as make phone calls.

The kit features A2DP technology for wireless transmission of stereo signals via Bluetooth, echo cancellation to suppress or eliminate echo or reverberation effects, and noise reduction.
Plays your favorite music in MP3 / WMA / WAV and FLAC formats. The installation is very simple. Set a free FM frequency in the car radio, connect the radio with the car kit and the cell phone and nothing stands in the way of enjoyment.
The multifunctional buttons of the car kit can not only be used to control the music, but also to make calls. You can answer, hang up, reject or redial the last number with a single click. The volume of the call can be conveniently controlled via the multifunction button.
The built-in microphone provides crystal clear sound.
While enjoying music, you can charge your phone at the same time. For this you have 2 connections available: the super fast QC3.0 function as well as the iSmart technology. (DC 5.0 V / 2.4 A).
QC3.0 charges your phone to 80% in 35 minutes, which is four times faster than the regular Charging port.
The device also supports MicroSD cards as well as USB sticks up to 64 GB and has a Siri function.



EAN-Code:40 12386 09093 9

FM Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit
FM Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit
FM Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit
FM Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit
FM Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit

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